The EZ-Empty Trash Can

The AnnieCan

The AnnieCan

Our patent-pending design features a unique hinge and latch system that allows the entire can to be unloaded from the side to easily remove a full bag of trash without having to lift the bag out of the can

Stop fighting the trash!

Stop fighting the trash!

Regular cans make it a royal pain to remove a full bag of trash. Static and suction grabs the bag and turns a simple task into a two-person operation. The Annie Can gives you the upper hand every time! Just open the can using the unique hinged design to easily slide the bag out for disposal.


  • Stainless Steel

    The AnnieCan is constructed from 18 gauge industrial-grade stainless steel for uncompromising strength. A Lifetime Warranty covers the materials and workmanship. This could be the last trash can you ever buy...

  • Made in America

    Nothing beats the quality construction of products made by American Craftsmen using American Materials. The AnnieCan is fabricated, assembled, and shipped from Kansas in America's Heartland.

  • Easy to Operate

    The unique hinged action of The AnnieCan is designed with elderly and disabled users in mind and is simple to operate with just one hand.

  • Easy to Clean

    Have you ever had to reach shoulder-deep into a smelly trash can to clean the contents of a leaking garbage bag? Never again with The AnnieCan. Simply open the can to easily clean the entire inside surface.

The EZ-Empty Trash Can

What's an AnnieCan?

I'm a busy mother of two that spends hours each day taking care of our home. Sometimes the simplest thing can drive me crazy. Would you like to know what tops my list of kitchen complaints? Picking up a full bag of trash and have the can cling to the bag the entire way up - then trying to awkwardly separate the two without ripping the bag apart while fighting the vacuum created inside the can.

This is something that has haunted my cleaning for years. I've suffered in silence as I've seen my elderly family members fight to lift heavy bags out of the can. I've lived through the ripped bags that have required me to nearly crawl into the can to clean the mess.

I finally realized I had to do something to stop the madness. The AnnieCan is the result.

We've come up with a clever mechanism that allows our stainless steel trash can to be opened in two using a simple hinge and latch system. This allows anyone to easily remove a full bag of trash without having to lift the bag out of the can. It also makes cleanup incredibly easy - you'll never have to awkwardly reach down inside a smelly trash can again.

We've also made the important decision to build our products here in the U.S. by American workers using American materials. The result is a quality product that will make your day easier each time you use it.


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